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Pamela ☺
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Chasing cars and getting drunk on Las Vegas bars.
Chasing cars and getting drunk on Las Vegas bars. Go keep your promises in a jar. I don't need your words, just your money. Now hand me that cash, and I'll make sure you'd still be able to see the lights of tomorrow. Don't worry, I won't mar your pretty face either. I just need some bucks to get drunk, get high, and enjoy. Because unlike you, I lost my life a long time ago - (Flash, bam; there goes his lifeless body.)

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Some rectangle

( A blank space. )

Signifies my new escapades as a blogger. Not a newbie, but not too pro to the point that I brag about my experiences in writing. On the other note, call me Pamela, Pam, whichever you want. My head is too pretty for names anyways. Haters gon' hate.

And so this is my long-ass intro post. Which is really not much of an intro post?

Welcome to my life.Collapse )


Guys, I'm like... Fucking alive from the dead!

How are you all doing? I bet only about a percent or two can remember me. But hey, can't blame anybody else but myself for that.

I've been gone for forever (hypothetically, but it almost happened). I was too busy with school, and yep. My hard work paid off and I was over with Junior high at the top of the class! Not bragging or anything, but yeah. I'm bragging. :D Kidding. All those eye bags and days of no eating, no sleeping? Dang, I'm happy! Two months vacation is the thing right now, not really working out for me since I'm stuck at home keeping up with my crazy family.

So, yeah. I'm thinking of making a new account. This is seriously getting annoying, I know. But this account reminds me of a lot of bad memories. Just posting right now to let you guys know I'm still breathing and all.

Hit me up on Twitter and Facebook! Seriously, I can't even remember how to do most of the HTML in here.

... Can't really expect anyone to reply on this post, but yes. I'm here, guys. :( :( :( /puppy face

Been on hiatus. I'm back, though. Hello!

Rule number two, Pam. Never expect and you'll never get hurt. Life is so blah! Maybe I'm just sleepy. Or upset. Or disappointed.

...I don't even know anymore.

On another note though, it's no one else's fault but mine. I'm sorry to you who's getting the blame for my silly childishness. You know I love you very much. :)

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