Chasing cars and getting drunk on Las Vegas bars.

Go keep your promises in a jar.

Pamela ☺
23 November

I am completely abandoning this journal, there's no sense in adding.

"so-that-i-can-prove-to-my-family", 'lemme throw-in this bow-chicka-wow-wow, b.o.b, being sensible, boys like girls, bruno mars, chris brown !!! ilu, dong banging shin ki, eminem, gasoline stations, gettin' it downdowndown, headbanging alone, hush-baby-speak-softly, i love uae srsly, i rly love reality-tv, jamming in the car, jb is srs bizniz, john watson, long-ass entries, math! honestly, mcdonald's near school, nba, new york, oberjejebiibs, orly? 8]], partying @ las vegas, procrastinating duuh, sherlock holmes, sherlock/watson, shinee boys, sr. dante's speeches, taylor swift, we the kings, western artists